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Project type: Urban
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Lighting Design: Ombrages
Client: Ivanhoe Cambridge
Architect: Sid Lee Architecture
Engineer: Planifitech
Photographer: Geneviève Giguère


An iconic Montreal skyscraper is given the power of Lumenpulse colour-changing luminaires and becomes a stronger landmark of the city's spirit and skyline. 

Place Ville Marie

The famous cruciform, or cross-shaped Place Ville Marie, in the heart of Montreal, is the tallest of its kind in Canada and has become an iconic symbol of the city's skyline.

The firm Ombrages formulated an impressive lighting design that has embodied and elevated PVM's monumental stature in the nocturnal landscape of Montreal.

The famous rotating beacon atop the structure radiates like a welcoming lighthouse in the middle of the city. The addition of new color-changing soffit lighting below the beacon enhances the building's famed grandeur and allows the building to commemorate holidays, special occasions and the seasons. Ombrages' lighting design accentuates the building's scale and creates a visual architype for visitors and passers-by.

The entire lighting design is achieved using more than 400 Lumencove Exterior Direct View and Lumenfacade luminaires, which are individually controlled to enable real-time lighting scenarios. The Lumenfacade luminaires graze the building's crown, while the Lumencoves project their light outwards in order to add the beacon-like prominence of the building.

The lighting design and its use of Lumenpulse luminaires showcases the splendor and symbolic nature of this Montreal icon, making an even more prominent subject for the photographs of visitors and proud Montrealers alike.

224 x Lumenfacade RGBW, 4ft, 10° x 10°
224 x Lumencove Exterior RGBW, 4ft
1x Lumentouch

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