Features & Benefits

Indoor and outdoor solution
Control both indoor and outdoor lighting
Dimming performance
Lumenpulse luminaires with EcoSystem dim down to 1%
Daylight harvesting
Take advantage of available daylight; let light levels adjust automatically throughout the day
Occupancy sensing
Occupancy/vacancy sensors automatically dim or turn off lights when rooms are left unoccupied
Personal Control
Adjust light levels to suit different tasks and activities; personalize space by altering the amount of light required

Smart control inside and out

Lumenpulse™ and Lutron® have collaborated to embed Lutron® EcoSystem® directly into Lumenpulse's range of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires. With the technology embedded inside, Lumenpulse luminaires seamlessly integrate into the EcoSystem environment without the need for additional interfaces, making the solution more affordable and easy to specify. EcoSystem offers a convenient way to maximize energy savings and bring much greater flexibility to the end-user experience.