Architectural Lighting Magazine Features Cabrillo Bridge

Inventive new lighting design overcomes challenging site to illuminate the gateway to Balboa Park in San Diego.

Photo by Steve Lerum

Architectural Lighting magazine has turned the spotlight on the new lighting scheme at the Cabrillo Bridge in San Diego, California. Citing the difficult challenges posed by the 769-foot-long bridge, the magazine writes that "the lighting design successfully celebrates the structural form and enhances its nighttime appearance, all while furthering the landmark's significance for the local community."

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The new lighting design was part of a major rehabilitation for the 102-year-old Cabrillo Bridge, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

To give the structure added dimension, lighting designers Illumination Arts (IA) chose to cross-light the undersides of the bridge's 46-foot-wide arches with Lumenbeam Large and Extra Large luminaires in 3000K. The luminaires, which are mounted in pairs at the base of each arch, use a narrow-spot beam and a precise linear spread lens to align the fixtures' beam with the target surface. This highlights the bridge's form from a distance, without interfering with the freeway below or the existing streetlights on the bridge above.

Click here for more information on the Lumenbeam family of luminaires.

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