Lumencore Downlights

Features & Benefits

Highly Durable
Lumen maintenance of 225,000 hours (L70 at 104°F)
Exceptional Color Rendering
CRI 80+, CRI 90+, and CRI 95+ options
Optical Options
5° Extra Narrow Spot, 10° Very Narrow Spot, 15° Narrow Spot/Reflector/Faceted, 25° Narrow/Faceted/Reflector, 40° Medium Reflector/Faceted, 60° Wide Reflector/Faceted, 80° Very Wide Reflector/Faceted, Wallwash, Asymmetric, and Double Asymmetric
Output Options
700lm, 1000lm, 1300lm, 2000lm, 3000lm, and 4000lm
Control Agnostic
Whether standard or dynamic, these luminaires are ready to pair with your favorite controls
5-Year Limited Warranty
5-year limited warranty for complete assembly

High-performance LED downlights for ceiling applications

The Lumenpulse Lumencore family consists of high-performance LED downlights for ceiling applications. Available in an array of trims and bezel finishes, outputs (up to 4000lm), optics, color renderings, and accessories, these luminaires are here to outperform. The Lumencore family possesses a previously unseen lifespan, are quick to install, and can be used with a number of different control options.

High-performance LED downlights for ceiling applications

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