Features & Benefits

Built to last
Made from architectural-grade materials; 79,000 up to 370,000 hours lumen maintenance (L70 at 25°C); five-year warranty
Sturdy Construction
Corrosion-resistant option suitable for hostile environments; salt spray, harsh chemicals and extreme outdoor exposure
Optics and Distributions for All Occasions
Extra Narrow 4° or 5°, Very Narrow 6°, Narrow Spot 10°, Narrow Flood 20°, Medium 30°, Flood 40°, Wide Flood 60°, Narrow Asymmetric, Asymmetric Wallwash and Linear Spread Lens options
Corrosion resistant
Suitable for marine environments and coastal areas
5-Year Warranty
Standard 5-year warranty for complete assembly

LED projectors for interior and exterior architecture

The Lumenbeam family is an award-winning line of high-performance luminaires. Designed to solve a range of indoor and outdoor lighting challenges, the Lumenbeam family is extremely rich in options, with a choice of outputs and optics; color temperatures and colors (Dynamic White, RGB and RGBW); mounting options; accessories; and dimming control. Built with robust, high-quality materials, the Lumenbeam family delivers  L70 LED lifetimes from 79,000 up to 370,000 hours. A 3G rating - for use on bridges - is also available.

LED projectors for interior and exterior architecture


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