Volkswagen Production Facility Beams Blue with Lumenpulse Lumenpulse LED fixtures give footbridge that signature VW hue

Montreal, QC
Sept. 4, 2012 - Project

Lumenpulse Inc.’s LED lighting fixtures were used to illuminate a 650-foot pedestrian bridge at the LEED-certified Volkswagen production facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. To the specifications of SSOE Group, a global engineering, architectural and construction management firm, the fixtures were set to make the bridge glow in Volkwagen’s signature corporate color.

“Lumenpulse had the only product line I knew of that could complete the end result I was designing for,” says SSOE lighting designer Aaron Albright, LC. “The choice was Lumendome Medium and Lumenbeam Large, with RGB capabilities to give us the punch that was needed to stand out on the landscape. We were able to fine-tune the setting to emit a color that matches the VW blue.”

To define the distinctive curves of the bridge, Albright used 72 Lumendome Medium and 16 Lumenbeam Large fixtures with RGB color-mixing capacities, along with a LumenID and Lumentouch control combination. Most of the time, the bridge is lit in VW’s signature blue, but the luminaires can be controlled to emit other colors for special events.

The Lumenbeam Large luminaires are mounted at ground level to uplight the anchor supports between each arch, while the structure’s arches are outlined by Lumendome luminaires.

View a case study with photos here.

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